Use Tag


The Use tag is an extremely powerful feature in Iron Speed Designer and allows you to include other reusable components on a page.  The reusable components allow you to use common components across multiple pages.  Changing the component once will change all of the pages that use this component.

For example, you can create a menu that is common across the entire application and reuse this menu component on each page by including or “using” the component on the page.  Similarly, the header and footer on each page can be created as components and each page can refer to them in its own layout.

Custom user controls must implement the IncludeComponent interface in order to compile and run properly.

Drag and drop Include Ascx Component from Toolbox > GEN section to insert GEN:Use tag.


<GEN:Use Name=“MyMenu” />

<GEN:Use Name=“OKButton” />

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