UpdatePanel Control

Smooth Panel Update Limitations for Nested Tables

Not all .NET controls are compatible with the smooth panel update feature, which is implemented, in part, using the Ajax UpdatePanel control.  These .NET controls are known to not be compatible with the smooth panel update feature:

In addition to the above controls, any button control which performs a file download will not work when used with the smooth panel update feature.  To solve this problem, add the PostBack property to the button control in Iron Speed Designer Propert Sheet and set it to ‘True’.

Controls not compatible with the .NET UpdatePanel control can still be used in a page but must be placed outside of the UpdatePanel controls.  Some controls can be used within the UpdatePanel control, but only if they are used in specific ways.  To find out more information, please refer the section “Controls that Are Not Compatible with UpdatePanel Controls” in:


According to Microsoft:

All other controls work inside UpdatePanel controls.  However, in some circumstances, a control might not work as expected inside an UpdatePanel control. These circumstances include the following:

If the control calls script registration methods of the ClientScriptManager control, you could use corresponding script registration methods of the ScriptManager control instead. In that case, the control can work inside an UpdatePanel control.

Nested UpdatePanel controls trigger traditional postbacks only in the outermost UpdatePanel control.  Hence, only button controls cointained within the outermost UpdatePanel control may have their PostBack property set to True.  All button controls nested inside inner UpdatePanel controls can refresh the UpdatePanel control only by performing an asynchronous postback; they may not have their PostBack property set to True.

Smooth Panel Update Limitations with View State Options

In some cases, certain actions will not work when Smooth Panel Update is enabled for a control and the View State is set other than to ‘Page’.  These are known to be problematic:

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