Table Tag


The GEN:Table tag displays data from a database on the page.  The data on the table can be retrieved from a database table, a database view or a custom query.  You can select the table or the custom query in the Property Sheet.

The Table tag produces attractive tabular data presentations.

The Table tag functions much like an enclosing Record tag in that it groups together related tags for display within a data grid control.  FieldValue tags are often used inside of a surrounding Table tag.  The Table tag iterates through the selected data result set, displaying the contents of each successive row in the data grid.


The Table code generation tag creates an ASP.NET control tag in the ASPX or ASCX file.  This ASP.NET control tag may contain additional ASP.NET control tags to display the field values from a row in the database table.

Editable Tables

Iron Speed Designer does not differentiate between display-only and editable tables.  Individual fields within the table may be display-only or editable.  To make an editable table, set the individual fields within the table to be editable by selecting the Text Box style in the Property Sheet.  You can also set some fields to be editable, while other fields are display-only.


<GEN:Table Name=“EmployeesTable”>

     <!-- other HTML code to specify the rows and columns of a table -->


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