FieldStatistic Tag


The GEN:FieldStatistic tag is used within a GEN:Table tag to display summary information about a field from a database.  For example, this tag can be used to display the total amount of all of the items in an order.  The tag can also display the total just for the records displayed on the current page.  Configure the desired action in the Property Sheet.

The FieldStatistic tag sums columns in a table.

To display a count of records returned by the current query, you can use GEN:Pagination tag.  See Pagination Tag for details.

Formatting page and grand totals

Specify the formatting of a page or grand total via the Databases tab.  This formatting is global across all pages and cannot be set on an individual field within a panel.  Customizing display formatting for an individual field (displayed in a table) does not control the formatting of the page or grand total.

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