Working with Complex Databases

Some users have more complex database structures such as:

Iron Speed Designer has a number of features that, when combined with features of the database product, allow you to take advantage of the complex database structures in your application.

The easiest way to take advantage of these features is to:

Step 1:  Create a database view within your primary database or schema to retrieves all records from the other database, schema or from another owner’s schema.  This can be done by specifying a query such as:

SELECT * FROM dbXYZ.Customers

This query retrieves all rows from the Customers table belonging to dbXYZ.  This query can be saved as a database view in the primary database being used by the Iron Speed Designer application.

Step 2:  Use the newly created database view in Iron Speed Designer via:

Step 3:  After selecting the database view, create a Virtual Primary Key for the view in Iron Speed Designer.

Step 4:  Create any necessary Virtual Foreign Key relationships between this view and other tables or views.

After performing the above steps, you can create applications using these complex database structures.  When the schema changes, update the database view in your database, and then re-synchronize the database with in Iron Speed Designer.

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