Using Multiple Application Generation Options Templates

Sometimes you might want to save your current Application Generation Options as a template to be used for other applications. In addition, you might want to have more than one template for different types of applications.

The Application Generation Options for an application are stored in the file AppInfo.xml in the root folder of the application. The current default set of Application Generation Options for this theme is stored in the file AppWizardOptions.xml in the Design Themes \ <Theme name> folder in Iron Speed Designer's installation folder.

Once you exit from Iron Speed Designer, you can save the complete set of default options by copying the AppWizardOptions.xml to another location to save it. You can then restore that set of options by copying it back to AppWizardOptions.xml before starting Iron Speed Designer.

Using this technique, you can create different sets of Application Generation Options for use in different types of applications such as accounting, engineering, order management, or stock control.

Use the following steps as an example:

Step 1: While Iron Speed Designer is closed, create a new folder for your template library. For example: <installdir>\Options\, where <installdir> is something like "C:\Program Files (x86)\Iron Speed\Designer v11.0.0\Design Themes\Tequila"

Step 2: Copy the original Application Generation Options <installdir>\AppWizardOptions.xml to the template library with a new meaningful name such as AppWizardOptions_original.xml, that will allow you to remember it's intended use.

Step 3: Now open Iron Speed Designer and use the Application Generation Options dialog to change the options as desired.

Step 4: Close Iron Speed Designer again and copy the new AppWizardOptions.xml file to your library, changing the name as appropriate.

Step 5: To use any template in your library, copy the file to <installdir>\ and rename it back to AppWizardOptions.xml (delete the existing one first).

Remember that reference files saved in this manner are likely to require editing when upgrading Iron Speed Designer to a new version, as new options are often added for new features.

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