SQL Statement Generation

Specifies where and how to create your application’s SQL.  Iron Speed Designer automatically creates all the SQL statements required for each database-connected form, web page, table, and report in your application, as well as all the database access logic and storage management code.  You do not need to know any SQL to build applications in Iron Speed Designer.  The SQL is based on your database schema and user interface design.  A variety of data filters and navigation components provide your application users with additional viewing and reporting flexibility.




Build the application using inline SQL statements.  The SQL is placed in the Data Access Layer code.  Inline SQL generation, also called “dynamic SQL” is frequently used when your application must connect to a database that does not support stored procedures.

Stored procedures

Build the application’s SQL in database-stored procedures.  The stored procedures are automatically loaded into your database.  Stored procedures are frequently the best choice when overall performance is important, because stored procedures generally execute faster than inline SQL.

Can’t create stored procedures in all cases

Iron Speed Designer may not be able to create stored procedures in all cases, even though you have selected this option.  In these cases, Iron Speed Designer will create inline SQL.  For example, Iron Speed Designer cannot create stored procedures for Microsoft Access databases, a database product which does not support stored procedures.  Also, Iron Speed Designer will not create stored procedures in cases where it detects your database access credentials do not have sufficient permissions to load stored procedures into the database or execute them once there.

Other reasons why Iron Speed Designer can’t create stored procedures include:

Stored procedure owner

Iron Speed Designer creates stored procedures using the user name you provide to log into the database.  We recommend you select the final user name you want to use in production.  For example, this is frequently ‘dbo’ for Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Optimistic Concurrency Support

Iron Speed Designer generates dynamic SQL and Stored procedures to supports optimistic concurrency. I.e. if record has been changed after it was opened in the browser data access layer will prevent it from saving and give the application user a warning. You can override this behavior for dynamic SQL and force Data Access layer to save record without checking by setting SupportConcurrency key to False in the web.config.

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