New Page and Panel Configuration Options

This group of options is specific for each page type and allows you allows you to pre-configure pages that will be created. To edit the options click the Configure button or right click the page type in the Pages step of the Application Wizard:

You will also see this set of options in the Configuration Wizard’s Options step when you drag and drop a new panel from the Toolbox:

Note, the very first option in table panels on Modern layout themes is the Modern Panel Layout. This option generates either a fixed width layout optimized for Moden themes or a columnar grid optimized for Modern Grid themes. This option can be changed only from Application Wizard and not from the Configuration Wizard.

Edit Table Panel and Table Report Panel Options



Field filters

Creates several filter controls.  Controls are created only for the first few fields in the underlying database table.

Search controls

A search control is created for the table.  Each field in the table participates in the search.

Enable column sorting

Creates table column headings that, when clicked, sort the table based on the selected column’s data.

Record Panel Options



Panel layout

Specifies how many columns of fields to create in a record panel.

Best Guess

Iron Speed Designer analyzes your table schema and determines how many columns of fields to create.

1 Column
2 Columns
3 Columns

The selected number of panel columns will be created.

Panel field order

Specifies field ordering within a panel, i.e., which field is placed first, second, and so forth.

Best Fit

Wide fields such as image and long text fields are placed at the bottom of the panel, typically spanning several columns.

Database Field Order

Fields are placed in the panel in the order in which they are listed in the database table schema definition without regard to field type or field size.  Wide fields such as images and long text fields are placed in the order they are listed in the table schema.

Panel field direction

Fields in record panels may be laid out either across then down or down then across.  Panel field direction works in conjunction with the “Panel field order” option.

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