New Application and New Pages Options

The first category of options can be accessed from Application Wizard by clicking OPTIONS button:

Menu Controls



Menu type

Specifies the type of menu to create.


Create a multi-level ASP.NET menu control.  This menu may be configured by editing the menu control’s sitemap file.


Create a ‘link button’ menu control.  This menu may be configured via Iron Speed Designer’s Menu Wizard.

Once your application is created you cannot change the application’s menu type by changing this option; it applies only to newly created applications.

You can change the menu used within an individual page by deleting the existing menu control from the page.  Then add a new menu panel (Right-click, Insert, Menu).  The new menu panel will appear in the current page.  Menu items from the previous menu panel are not automatically copied to the new menu panel; you must add and configure them separately.

SharePoint Options



Default top-level master page

Iron Speed Designer-created applications use nested master pages.  The top-level master page (a) can be retrieved from the current context of the SharePoint web application to which your application is deployed or (b) can use its own top-level master page.

SharePoint’s default master page in WSS3.0 or MOSS2007 is not XHTML compliant which prevents certain .NET controls from working properly.  For example, the multi-level ASP.NET menu control (asp:menu) does not work with the non-compliant SharePoint default master pages.

The Iron Speed Designer-created master pages comply with XHTML 1.0 transitional standard and all controls work properly.  This page looks and feels like the MOSS2007 default.master page without its disadvantages.

Note:  If the top-level master page’s name does not match any existing master page, your application will not run in the SharePoint Server environment.  However your application will run in Live Preview or in non-SharePoint environments because it uses a simple pro-forma top-level master page which does not use any SharePoint-specific controls or libraries.

Common Page Options



Modern Maximum Sort Links

Specifies maximum number of sort links to create per table. Applies to Modern theme only and when Preferred Sort Control is Hyperlink.

Preferred Sort Control

Default Sort control for Modern Themes is dropdown list. You can drag and drop additional dropdown list sort controls from the Toolbox and have your table sorted by multiple columns. For the gridlike layout or for the classic theme default control is hyperlink on top of the column. This control does not allow multiple columns sorting. Note, that dropdown list is populated when panel is created and if you add / remove columns you might need to do the same with the list in the Formula tab in Layout Editor

Preferred Selector Control

You have a choice between new and flexible Quick Selector and classic Dropdown list. Quick Selector saves time when page is rendered and allows easy search for a value on large tables. It is also easily customizable because it is represented by a standard Iron Speed Designer generated page.

Fields to exclude

You can specify number of fields to be excluded from pages when they are created. For example audit trail fields such as CreatedBy CreatedOn could be excluded. You can add them from the Toolbox if you need.

Maximum name width

This option restricts width of menu, table or fields before they are truncated.

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