Mobile Pages

Iron Speed Designer offers many different page types. Of those page types, four are designed for small-screen mobile smartphones; the remainders are for relatively large screen desktop computers. Throughout Iron Speed Designer, the two types of pages and their components are referred to as “Mobile” and “Web”.

Please be aware of these key points:

Adding Mobile pages to a new or even a migrated application is easy. Simply select a combination of the four mobile pages in the Application Wizard:

The Report Mobile page is a table page that points to the other three record pages:

Note the following differences compared to the larger Web pages:

Because of the limited screen real estate on mobile phones, the mobile menu is shown in a separate page, which is the application’s Mobile start page:

Pressing on any row takes the application user to that table’s Mobile show table page. The settings button permits changing languages on multi-lingual applications.

Note that the Application Explorer tree shows special icons next to Mobile .aspx and .ascx pages. Mobile applications have their own dedicated headers, footers, menus, and, in many cases, components and error pages.

The following limitations are the result of usability requirements, limited mobile screen real estate, or browser-specific behavior:

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