Displaying Data for Logged In Users

A common requirement is to display data only for logged in users.  Iron Speed Designer provides great flexibility for this, providing control at the component and panel level.

Step 1:  Use the Security Wizard (Tools, Security Wizard...) to establish the login security.  See Security Wizard for details.

Step 2:  Use the Application Explorer to open the pages where you need to restrict data to only the logged in user.  In the Layout Editor, select the panel you wish to secure.

Step 3:  In the Property Sheet, select the appropriate query and open the Query Wizard (Edit...).

Step 4:  In the WHERE step of the Query Wizard, add a WHERE clause that constrains the data to the "logged in user ID", which is a built-in function in your application.

Step 5:  Close the Query Wizard.

Step 6:  Build and run your application.

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