Configuring Forgot Password Functionality

Iron Speed Designer Database security can be configured to allow users to request sign in information via  email.  This feature applies only to database authentication security and is enabled by designating an Email field in the user table for database security as shown above in
Step 3:  Select the User Table (Database Security).
When it is configured, the Sign In page will contain a link to the ForgotUser page as follows:

In addition to the Sign In page, the Security pages of your application generated by the Security Wizard contain both ForgotUser and SendUserInfo pages. When the User clicks the Forgot your password? link, he is taken to the ForgotUser page shown here.

When the User fills in the email address, enters the Captch words, and clicks Send, all sign in information associated with the email address will be sent, and the page will show:

In order for the ForgotUser page to work, the page must be configured in your application by either entering keys for the Captcha control, or removing it from the page, which appears as follows in your applications’ design grid:

As mentioned earlier, these pages are always created  by the Security Wizard, but they are only used when Database authentication security is selected.

In addition to configuring this page, you must also configure your Email Server connection as described in a separate article below.

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