Part VIII: Reference

Part VIII: Reference

System Requirements

Iron Speed Designer System Requirements

Production Application System Requirements

Application User System Requirements

Running on Microsoft .NET

Activating and Deactivating Iron Speed Designer

Offline Key Request of Iron Speed Designer

Offline Activation of Iron Speed Designer

Downloading MSDE

How to Check Your MDAC Version

Proxy Server Configuration

Running Iron Speed Designer Remotely

Troubleshooting Iron Speed Designer Installation

Installer Hangs on Setup Status Screen

Installer Hangs on Preparing to Install Step

Incorrect version of the Xheo DLL loaded

Product key activation fails to register

Application Web Pages

Table Controls and .NET DataGrid Controls

Page History (Back Button) Handling

Dropdown List Control Handling of SelectIndexChanged Events

Section 508 Compliance

Part 1194.22, Web-based Intranet and Internet Information and Applications

Part 1194.21, Software Applications and Operating Systems

Enabling Skip Navigation Links

Transaction Management

Page-Based Transaction Model

Database Stored Procedures

Default Values for Primary Keys and Foreign Keys

Concurrency Control

What is Pessimistic Concurrency?

What is Optimistic Concurrency?

Concurrency Handling in Applications

Cursor Management

ADO DataSets

.NET Data Application Blocks

ODBC Driver Support

Application Folder Organization




...\<App>\Data Acces Layer


...\<App>\<Sub Folder>



Base Classes Folder Organization











Microsoft Access Support

Microsoft Access 2000 Versions

Microsoft Access Database Tables, Views and Procedures support

Microsoft Access Database Field Support

Query Support in Microsoft Access

Linked Databases in Microsoft Access

Relative and Absolute Path Names for Microsoft Access Databases

Accessing Microsoft SQL Server Tables through Microsoft Access Queries

Microsoft SQL Server Database Support

Field Support in Microsoft SQL Server

User-Defined Database Field Types in Microsoft SQL Server

Sorting Collation Sequences in Microsoft SQL Server

Transact-SQL Stored Procedures for Microsoft SQL Server

Add Transact-SQL Stored Procedure

Delete Transact-SQL Stored Procedure

DeleteRecords Transact-SQL Stored Procedure

DrillDown Transact-SQL Stored Procedure

Export Transact-SQL Stored Procedure

Get Transact-SQL Stored Procedure

GetList Transact-SQL Stored Procedure

GetStats Transact-SQL Stored Procedure

Update Transact-SQL Stored Procedure

Linked Databases in Microsoft SQL Server

Database Owners in Microsoft SQL Server

Migrating from Microsoft Access to Microsoft SQL Server

Views in Microsoft SQL Server

User and Group Security in Microsoft SQL Server

Stored Procedure Naming Policy

MySQL Database Support

Driver Requirements

Database Field Support in MySQL

Data Formatting

Oracle Database Support

Using Oracle with Iron Speed Designer

Database Field Support in Oracle

Minimum Permissions Needed for Oracle Users

Changing an Oracle Database Schema Name in an Application

PL/SQL Stored Procedures

Matching Oracle Sequences with Primary Keys

Multiple database support

AppInfo.xml Configuration File

Web.config Configuration File

appSettings Element

connectionStrings Element

Run-Time Configuration Elements

ADO and ADO.NET Data Source Connection Strings

Web.Config Settings for Microsoft Access Databases

Application Generation Configuration Files

Control Text Naming Policies

Control Name Policies - ReservedWords.xml

Picture and Image Field Configuration -- ConfigurationOptions.xml

Microsoft .NET Educational Resources

Third Party Control License Agreements

PDF Reporting using iTextSharp

Excel Export using CarlsoAg ExcelXmlWriter

FCKEditor License Agreement

Formula Evaluator License

NPOI License