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You get this error when creating an MSI Deployment Installer.

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This problem generally occurs because stored procedures created by Iron Speed Designer contain underscore characters.  The MSI Deployment Installer cannot install stored procedures containing underscore characters.

This can occur because Iron Speed Designer attempts to support database tables containing special characters.  However, these special characters can cause problems in some circumstances.  Iron Speed Designer replaces special characters such as +, -, *, and % by the underscore character (“_) when creating table names, class names based on table names, and stored procedure names based on table names.  This can lead to situations where two different table names have the same class name or stored procedure name because of this underscore mapping.  For example, two or more table names differing only in special characters (i.e., “A+B” and “A-B”) will cause a conflict because both map to the same modified name (e.g., “A_B”).  Iron Speed Designer does not guarantee uniqueness when mapping special characters.


Install your application’s stored procedures manually.

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