Page Properties



Master Page,


Configures master pages, page title and menu for this page. Each page has three master pages associated with it: default, modal pop-up, which is used when page opened in a modal pop-up frame, and new window pop-up, which is used when page is opened in a new window. See Part I: Getting Started > Customizing Web Page Behavior > Using Modal Pop-up pages for details.

Page directives

ASP.NET directives to include in the generated page’s prologue or epilogue areas.

Page security

Any security roles configured for an page.  Individual roles are separated by a semi-colon (‘;’). When you open security dialog it shows only already configured roles. So see all roles uncheck ‘Show only roles in use’ checkbox and click on magnifying glass button.

When configured roles match roles of the logged in user, the page is shown, if they do not match, user is redirected to special Forbidden page. If user is not logged in he(she) is redirected to Sign-In page.

Page type

Indicates the type of page to create.



Page (ASPX)

A page (ASPX file) is created.

Button ASCX control

A header panel (ASCX file) is created.

Custom ASCX control

A user-defined control is created.

Footer ASCX control

A footer panel (ASCX file) is created.

Header ASCX control

A header panel (ASCX file) is created.

Menu ASCX control

A menu panel (ASCX file) is created.

Pagination ASCX control

A pagination panel (ASCX file) is created.

Date Pagination ASCX control

A date pagination panel (ASCX file) is created.



Pop-up CSS class

To change appearance of the modal pop-up for this page change width, height or other attributes in the CSS class specified. You can create new CSS class for this page only.

Smooth panel update

Specifies whether to generate Ajax-based panel update code for table and record controls.

UpdatePanel custom properties

Additional user-defined properties passed through to the generated ASP.NET controls.