Running Your Application

Go to:

Build, Run Application…


Build, Run Current Page…

After building your application, it is ready to run.  You can either test it on your local development machine or move it to a testing server or even into production.  Since your application is native .NET code, moving it to another machine is a simple “copy and run” process, requiring you only to copy the compiled binary code and establish a virtual directory for your application on your destination machine.

Like any web-based application, you access it by clicking on a URL.  Each application you develop will have its own separate URL, so you can distribute those URLs only to those  application users who need access.  Your application’s URL is provided to you on the Output message box after your application has been built.

In general, your application’s URL has the form:

http://YourWebServerName/<Application Folder>


YourWebServerName is the name of the web server where you installed your application (and possibly Iron Speed Designer)

<Application Folder> is the name you assigned to your application when you initially created it.

An example is: is the server where your application is running.  “OMS” is the Application Name for the “Order Management System”, an example application program.

As a convenience, you can also launch your application by clicking the Run button in the Iron Speed Designer navigation bar.

In order to run your application, you must deploy it on a Microsoft .NET server.  In most cases, your development environment includes a Microsoft .NET server, so there’s very little extra required to run your application.

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