Example: Set Table Column Width (Classic Themes)

Updated July 7, 2009
Iron Speed Designer V6.2 and later

Adjusting a single table cell

You can adjust table cell width directly by overriding the appropriate style sheet parameter (Styles, Cell…).  For example:

<td class=”table_cell” style="width:100px">

The width overrides whatever is specified in the style sheet.  However, web browsers take width settings as 'suggestions', rather than absolutes.  Because the browser viewing width is frequently less than the width of the table, the browser often times scrunches the width of the columns, so it may appear as if the width specifications are not working properly.  I.e., if there are “too many columns” of data, that particular column will be collapsed and its content wrapped.

Setting column widths globally

The "table_cell" and "table_cell_highlighted" style sheet classes allow you to change data cell specifications (including width) on a global basis without having to modify the table templates.  So you can set the width in the style sheet, e.g.:

.table_cell {




     width: 200px;


Note that web browsers take these width settings as "suggestions", rather than absolutes.  For example, if the browser viewing width cannot accommodate 10 columns of data each 200px wide (2000px total), it will shrink columns (so each may be less than 200px) to fit them all.  Similarly, if the style is set to 50px for 4 columns of data (200px total), and the browser viewing width is much larger, the extra width is apportioned among all the columns (so each may be greater than 50px).

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