Customizing Gallery Pages

The default configuration of the gallery page selects only two fields in a single column. It tries to look for the image data type in the database and selects that one and a reasonable second field from the table. Both fields are linked to the show record page or foreign key table page depending on the settings in Application Generation Options.

The header section is not populated with any content by default. If one wants content in the header section, then the content and styles should be present in as many columns as the cell is repeating plus number columns in the Table columns.

In the repeater section, fields are separated by using <br /> tags. If one wants to have more fields in the repeater section, then <br /> tag can be used.


In the page total section, one will see that the total text will be generated on the left most cell, then one empty cell with the style, and the next cell will have the total value.