Adding New Web Pages to Your Application

Go to:

Tools, Application Wizard…

Application Explorer, Right-Click, New, Page...

There are several ways to add new web pages to your application.

Using the Application Wizard

The Application Wizard is the easiest way to add new web pages to an existing Iron Speed Designer.  It shows you the available page types and knows exactly where and how to add them to your application.

You can return to the Application Wizard as often as you wish to add new sets of pages.  Oftentimes, developers will create similar sets of web pages for different user constituencies with different application generation options.

Using the Application Explorer

When you initialized your project, you provided Iron Speed Designer with a folder location where it creates your application.  That folder and its sub-folders contain the input files used to build your application.  You may place your pages in any sub-folder underneath your application’s main folder, for example:

...\<Application Folder>\Customers

Simply copy or move your page to an appropriate folder in your application’s folder.  Iron Speed Designer automatically recognizes pages placed here and makes them part of your application.

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