Part I: Getting Started
Part II: Customizing Your Application
    Setting Database Field Properties in Databases
    The Data Sources Tab
    Customizing Database Queries with the Query Wizard
    Database and Data Model Enhancement
    Configuring Full Text Search
    Configuring Application Security
    Configuring Your System for Application Security
    Localizing (Internationalizing) Your Application
    The Batch Wizard
    Configuring Application Generation Options
       New Application and New Pages Options
       CKEditor Notes
       Cute Editor Notes
       FCKEditor Notes
       HTML Editor Notes
       Using Multiple Application Generation Options Templates
    Configuring an Email Server Connection
    Application Scalability and Performance
    Debugging Applications
    Working with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
Part III: Configuring Component Properties
Part IV: Formulas
Part V: Customizing Application Code
Part VI: Deploying Applications Into Production
Part VII: Troubleshooting Applications
Part VIII: Reference
Part IX: Application Migration