Part IX: Application Migration

Part IX: Application Migration

Application Migration

Version 11.1.0 Application Migration

Ciloci.Flee.dll Updated

ApplicationWebForm.js updated

BaseApplicationPage.vb(cs) updated

Version 11.0.1 Application Migration

BaseFormulaEvaluator is replaced

Version 11.0.0 Application Migration

AjaxControlToolkit.dll, ConfiguredXXXRecord, Forbidden, SharePoint master pages, Import Wizard are replaced

scrollRegion div tag is removed and defined on page level

QPPageButtonsContainer css class is changed to recordPanelButtonsAlignment

Large List Selector code files are removed

Forbidden page is replaced

BaseFormulaUtils is replaced

Crypto.vb(cs) is removed

SignInState.vb(cs) is replaced

SignIn, SignOut, ForgotUser pages are replaced

SetFocus.js is replaced

ApplicationWebForm.js is replaced

ThemeButton.xml is replaced

PaginationMobile.xml is replaced

BaseApplicationMenuControl, BaseApplicationPage, BaseApplicationRecordControl, BaseApplicationTableControl, BaseApplicationUserControl are replaced

Version 10.2.1 Application Migration

Crypto.vb Updated

Version 10.2.0 Application Migration

Pagination Controls Updated

Web.config Updated

Version 10.1.0 Application Migration

Web Methods Commented out

Interface files Updated

Master Pages Updated

Pagination Controls Updated

ApplicationWebform.js and SetFocus.js Updated

Resource files for language translation updated

BaseApplicationPage, etc., Crypto, and LargeListSelector updated

Version 10.0.3 Application Migration

Master pages updated

Version 10.0.2 Application Migration

ConfigureAddRecordPopup and Forbidden pages updated

Version 10.0.1 Application Migration

BaseFormulaUtils updated

Crypto updated

CompileApplication.rsp updated

ApplicationWebForm.js updated

MySql.Data and MySql.Data reference updated

Version 10.0.0 Application Migration

Large List Selector Discontinued

Theme Button Layout

ConfigureXXX updated

Forbidden page updated

FormulaUtils and BaseFormulaUtils updated

ExportData updated

Crypto, BaseApplicationPage, and BaseApplicationTableControl updated

SharePointUtils updated

FCK Editor is not supported in Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 (IE10)

Version 9.2.0 Application Migration

Large List Selector updated

Version 9.1.1 Application Migration

Theme Button for Mobile Pages Updated

Initial Focus for Pages Updated

Large List Selector

Export to Excel Updated

Version 9.1.0 Application Migration

Large List Selector Updated

Formula Evaluation Updated

Export to Excel Updated

MySQL Updated

Import Wizard Updated

Version 9.0.1 Application Migration

BaseApplicationPage.vb(cs) updated

Version 9.0 Application Migration

Files in Shared and App_Code/Shared folders updatedSign-in page updatedWeb.config updatedProject file for presentation layer updatedFiles in Shared and App_Code/Shared folders updated

page updated

Web.config updated

Project file for presentation layer updated

Version 8.0.2 Application Migration

ImportDataItems updated

ExportData updated

Version 8.0 Application Migration

Files in \Shared and \App_Code\Shared folders updated

Web.config file updated

Project file for business layer updated

Project file for presentation layer updated

Changing migrated application to Appalacian or Himalaya page style

Version 7.1 Application Migration

BaseApplicationPage updated

SetFocus.js script reference removed from master page

Ciloci.Flee.dll updated

Version 7.0.1 Application Migration

BaseApplicationPage file updatedBaseApplicationPage file updated

Version 7.0 Application Migration

Default menu control properties changed

GetImage and GetFieldRecordValue functions updated

Authorize method calls moved to parent controls PreRender event handler

Header and footer files updated

Pass-through attributes for initializing FieldValue Textbox, Literal and Label controls replaced

Select Language Page removed

Sign In and Sign Out pages updated

BaseApplicationPage class updated

BaseApplicationTableControl , BaseApplicationRecordControl, FvLlsHyperLink, and LargeListSelector.Controls classes updated

ExportData class updated

Crypto method updated

SignInState class updated

SetFocus.js and ApplicationWebForm.js updated

.ascx.vb files for user controls removed

Files in \Shared folder updated

Version 6.2.1 Application Migration

Libraries in bin folder updated

Resource files in App_GlobalResources folder updated

Version 6.2 Application Migration

Files in \Shared and \App_Code\Shared folders updated

Database connection strings in Web.config updated

AjaxControlToolkit.dll and Report.dll are updated

Updating header and footer controls

Menu controls updated

Select Language Page files updated

Sign In and Sign Out pages replaced

Cascading style sheet files updated

Resource files updated

Version 6.1 Application Migration

HTML Encode white space (no wrapping) logic changed

Quick Layout Spreadsheet includes row buttons

Quick Layout Spreadsheet includes Pagination control

Quick Layout Spreadsheet includes row-level attributes

Page Style files updated

BaseApplicationPage and BaseUserControlPage files replaced

ApplicationWebform.js replaced

Select Language Page files updated

Version 6.0 Application Migration

Run() method is obsolete

Move Resource files from Bin to App_GlobalResources

Email server settings in Web.config moved to section

Logging disabled in Web.config

AjaxControlToolkit.dll updated updated

BaseApplication files updated

ImportData files updated

Select Language Page files updated

files updated

PaginationShort files updated

XML file structure updated

AppInfo.xml file updated

Header control replaced

Automatic save in workflow pages removed

Version 5.2.1 Application Migration

Header control replaced

Version 5.2 Application Migration

Application style sheets reorganized for easier customization

Expanded application generation options

SignIn and SignOut template keys removed from Web.config

Calendar date selector control replaced with Ajax-based control

Changing code language after migration

Language translation files (RESX) updated

Version 5.1 Application Migration

.NET Framework 1.1 no longer supported

control updated

Header control and Skip Navigation Links updated

Design Theme CSS style sheets updated

Design Theme images updated

Language translation files (RESX) updated

Web.Config file updated

Report.dll is updated

ExportFieldValue.ascx control updated

ExportData file updated

Large List Selector control updated

BaseApplicationPage file updated

PostBack property added to Button controls

Crypto file updated

Infragistics Editable WebGrid controls require manual migration

Version 5.0 Application Migration

Design Themes updated

Interactive search feature added

Table panel button bar enhanced

PDF Reporting feature added

Export to Excel feature added

Table Refresh feature added

Reset filters feature added

Pagination control updated

Copy and Delete table panel row buttons added

Save and New button added to Add Record and Edit Record pages

Edit button added to Show Record pages

Foreign key hyperlinking added to Table Report and Show Record panels

Quick Add button added next to dropdown lists

Quick Edit button added to Show Record panels

Large List Selector updated

Crystal Reports button control updated

Increment and Decrement buttons are now vertically aligned

Category filters now collapse properly when other filters are collapsed

ApplicationWebForm.js JavaScript File replaced

Language translation files (RESX) updated

Date selector control updated

Base files updated

AppInfo.xml file updated

Version 4.3 Application Migration

ApplicationWebUIValidation.js File Updated

Web.Config File Updated

New Validators.dll File Added to Your Application

Version 4.2 Application Migration

Microsoft AJAX Support Updated

Smooth Panel Updating Added

Pop-up Windows for Long Text and Image Fields Added

Web.Config File Updated

Crystal Reports Control Updated

ApplicationWebForm.js JavaScript File Replaced

Design Theme Images Updated

Design Theme Style Sheets Updated

ExportFieldvalue.aspx Page and Code-Behind Files Updated

Debugging Files Removed

Version 4.1 Application Migration

Design Theme Files Updated

Print Button Added to Application Web Pages

Collapsible Panel Button Replaced with a Toggle Region Button

Increment and Decrement Buttons Added to Input Fields

Javascript Code Files Updated

BaseApplicationPage Code Files Updated

Version 4.0 Application Migration

Base Files Updated

Method and Event Changes

Javascript Files Updated

Radio Button Selector Control Replaced by Check Box Control

Design Themes Updated

Language Translation Files (RESX) Updated

Control Strings Localized

Button Control Properties Updated

PagingControl Changed to Label Control

BaseClasses:ValidationSummary Control Replaced

Date Selector Image Changed

Set Language Page for Multi-Lingual Applications Added

Large List Selector Updated

Pagination Control Updated

New Properties for TableControl Added

Version 3.2 Application Migration

Button.html Changed to ThemeButton.html

Header & Footer Folder Renamed to Header and Footer

Design Themes Updated

Javascript Files Updated

Resource (RESX) Files Updated

Layout Files Updated for XHTML Compliance

Section 508 Compliance

Binding File Events Updated

Operator Bindings Updated

Skip Navigation Links Support

Version 3.0 Application Migration

Design Themes Updated

Presentation Layer Classes Renamed

Data Access Classes Renamed

Specific Table and Record Control Classes

CustomBasePage Class Renamed to BaseApplicationPage

Classes, Functions and Events Renamed

V_ and P_ Prefixes Eliminated From Control Names

Ironspeed.Base Namespace Renamed to BaseClasses

Application Javascript Files Renamed

Version 2.1 Application Migration

Application Folder Structure Changes

Component File Name Changes

Page Style Template Changes

Component Template Changes

Page Level Button Changes

K2 Design Theme Changes

Version 2.0 Application Migration

Application Behavior Changes

Data Access Layer Classes Replaced

Optional Method Parameters Removed

Certain Methods Renamed

Certain Convenience Methods Removed

Certain Constructors Have New Signatures

New Convenience Functions in Data Access Layer Classes

Version 1.6 Application Migration

Application Code Changes