Infinite Pagination

Infinite Pagination is a pagination control where records are added to the current table control as the user scrolls down.


1.       Infinite pagination can be applied to Modern, Classic and Mobile Pages. It can also be applied to pages inside modal popup and quick selector.

2.       Gallery page style for regular pages and report page style for mobile pages will have Infinite Pagination set as the default pagination.

3.       When a page having Infinite Pagination is sent as an email using the feature available in properties dialog, only a static version of the page is sent. Therefore the emailed page will not contain Infinite Pagination.



1.       There should be only one Infinite Pagination on one page. Infinite Pagination will not work properly on a page having multiple table controls containing Infinite Pagination.

2.       The ‘Visible’ property of the pagination control, present in the property sheet, should be set to ‘True’.

3.       For regular pages, smooth panel update property should be set to ‘True’.


How to implement Infinite Pagination:

In order to change the current pagination to Infinite Pagination, user has to carry out the following steps:

1.        Select the current pagination control on the page. Then click the ‘ASCX file path’ option in the Properties panel.



2.       When the property dialog box opens, click on the browse button.

3.       Select one of the following ASCX controls, located in the Shared folder of the current application, depending upon the current page type:

o   InfinitePagination.ascx for Modern/Classic Regular Page

o   InfinitePaginationMobile.ascx for Modern/Classic  Mobile Page




4.       Rebuild the current page to apply Infinite Pagination.